LIAM MACDONALD - Verge (Private Pressing)

Liam Macdonald is an American singer/songwriter who has been around for a few years and this is his latest album release. By utilising a huge variety of backing musicians contributing violin, harmonium, lap-steel guitar and banjo amongst other instruments he has managed to make these songs really stand out from the usual guitar/vocal that we associate with the genre. His rich, deep voice brings out another dimension from the songs, which are in themselves pretty good to start with, and the sax on 'Smiling Faces' or the pedal-steel guitar on 'Man Woman Child' really gives them an edge. 'Eagle And Snake' has a semi-spoken vocal, and violin by Tim Carbone who also produced the album, and 'nemOmen' is given a distinctly creepy edge by the rumbling bass and mini-Moog squeaks. 'Should Have Known' has a 60's country feel courtesy of Buck Dill's Hammond organ, the Beatles-y backing vocals and Harrison-alike guitar solo, and the joyous 60's pop feel is carried through to 'Smiling Faces'. Having never heard of him before I have come away from this album mightily impressed by a new talent. For further information log on to