Sweet Toothe hail from West Virginia, and released their only album in 1971. Something of a mixture of pop/rock, blues and psyche, all of the songs are nonetheless excellent examples of their genre. 'Karen' is a lovely pop song to open the album, and the fuzz guitar really makes its presence felt on 'Music's Gotta Stay'. 'Wind And Water' is a jaunty little boogie, and their humour comes over with the fact that they have called one track 'Live In Concert' (when it isn't). The band show that they can play the blues with 'Just Loved Look', and the most out and out psyche track is undoubtedly 'All The Way Home' although more in the lyrical department than the music. 'In The Beginning' features a guitar duel, and 'Swamp Fox' ends the album with a down and dirty rock tune. It is not actually out on CD, although there is a vinyl re-issue which I got some months ago, and at that time there were not many left so you might have a job finding a copy. If you do manage it though, you will find that the effort is repaid with a fine 70's rock album.